A group of specialists will meet at BIT 2018, a seminar organized by Somos New City and DSC, which will be held on April 10.

On April 10th, the BIT2018 seminar will be held in Santiago, Chile, which will bring together different experts on how Blockchain can be key in smarter and more efficient cities that provide solutions to various problems of modernity, such as resource depletion, climate change, infrastructures of inefficient services for the amount of population, etc.

This event, which will be held at Edificio Parque Titanium, in Las Condes, is organized by Somos New City and DSC, two companies with experience in knowledge transfer projects and activities, both in Chile and Germany.

Alejandra Labarca, Director of Somos New City, highlighted the quality of the exhibitors and their vast experience in Blockchain and how this instrument can help in the construction of smart cities. He said:

BIT2018 is not just another event, it is the attempt to bring knowledge to the relevant stakeholders of the emerging community of Blockchain applications in Chile “.

The specialists who will speak

The first speaker of Bit2018 will be Sergey Ivliev, who will deliver his vision about the new social and economic order imposed by Blockchain. Ivliev is co-founder and COO of the Swiss company Lykke Corp. He also heads the Cryptoeconomics & Blockchain System laboratory of Perm State University (Russian Federation), where he has contributed to promote good practices in financial markets and risk management .

For his part, Daniel Novy, from ConsenSys, will present the case of how Blockchain has influenced business in Dubai. Before joining ConsenSys, Daniel founded Basebit, a Bitcoin exchange located in Brazil, where he currently lives. But his career began much earlier, in 2005, when he created MobileBR, the first carioca company to offer a mobile commerce platform.

Meanwhile, Andrea Maytin, an IBM cloud business specialist, will talk about IBM test cases in the logistics and retail industries. Maytin is a computer engineer with a master’s degree in project management, with more than ten years of experience in the industry. He works at IBM as a specialist in digitalization and business automation solutions and Blockchain for Chile.

In turn, José Bravo, founder of Kawin and leader in CryptoChile, together with several collaborators of this organization, will analyze the paradigms that Blockchain is changing in Chile. Bravo is a lawyer, he considers himself an enthusiastic promoter and diffuser of the Blockchain distribution and technology revolution; and he defines himself as a serial entrepreneur, since he has founded companies such as Kawin, Disca and Blobo, all projects in the field of logic and distributed computing currently underway.

For his part, Marco Zúñiga, Executive Director of CHILETEC, will moderate a panel discussion between the speakers and representatives of the Ministry of Economy and the Central Bank of Chile.

Finally, there will be four sessions of parallel dialogues that will review the applications of Blockchain in the cities of the future, specifically in the areas of cryptocurrencies and payment methods, retail, government, real estate and the energy sector.

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